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10 Jobs That Dont Require a Drug Test - TheJobNetwork

10 Jobs That Dont Require a Drug Test - TheJobNetworkIf youre a stoneror a medical useror just someone who enjoys the occasional recreational puff, its good to know which jobs you can apply for without having to worry about a drug test. Rather than sweat the test in the hiring process, why not focus on a job that wont bother? googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) The good news is, there are plenty of jobs that dont drug test typically. Here are a few favorites.1. ChefAs long as you can expertly and efficiently prepare excellent meals, no one cares what you do on your days off. Its an expense fruchtwein restaurants wont prioritize. If you cant cook, you could also try for a job as a restaurant manager and oversee things instead.2. BookkeeperBookkeepers and accountants might have to go through drug testing if they want to work for a company. But if you build your own bookkeeping or accounting business, youre your own boss and on your own.3. IT/P rogrammerAgain, if youre a self-employed consultant rather than a member of a corporate staff, you can avoid drug testing and still tinker with computers for cash.4. Event PlannerIf youre super organized and great at throwing parties or planning weddings, then this self-contracting gig could be great for you.5. Graphic DesignerCreative professionals tend to get evaluated mora on their talent rather than their squeaky clean drug-free record. If you have the skills, chances are youll never be asked to pee in a cup.6. Animator/Visual Effects/Video Game Designer2D and 3D designers, like video game designers, often work for studios that encourage a climate of openness and collaborationand arent terribly keen on drug testing.7. Fashion/Interior designerWhether you design clothes or help people decorate their homes, you will probably work for yourself. Therefore, you set the rules. And you dont bother with drug tests. You could even consider doing floral design and making beautiful flower arrangements from the comfort of your own nursery.8. CosmetologistMake people pretty, employ yourself, and do whatever you like on your weekends. Be careful to avoid salons that are more corporate and would be more likely to test. You could also consider working as a makeup artist and hire yourself out for events and weddings.9. Dog TrainerBe the dog whisperer of your town. Youll tend to be self-employed, so drug tests are not likely to be a problem.10. Personal TrainerHere again, you can be your own boss. And most gyms and fitness clubs dont bother with drug tests, anyway. Its a great career to make sure you keep yourself fit and help others to do so as well.

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5 Ways Of Coping With Anxiety At Work

5 Ways Of Coping With Anxiety At Work Do you feel like youre about to have a panic attack at work every other day? Are you consistently waking up from anxiety dreams at 4 a.m., then rolling over and checking your work email and never getting back to sleep? No, youre not insane most of us have been there at one point or another. But that still doesnt make it OK.Whether or not youve ever been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, youve probably felt, at least sometimes, like you have symptoms of stress and anxiety (it probably feels like intense fear or a severe anxious sensasion surrounding your job).Maybeyoure intimidated by your anfhrer or feeling anxious because youve just got way too much on your plate.Whatever the trigger of your anxiety is, youll want to find some ways to manageyour stress, prioritize your mental health,and figure out how to deal with anxiety so that its not debilitating. You also need to identify the root cause of your anxiety and understand how it is affecting y our life in order to really solve the problem once and for all.Sure, some amount of pressure is healthy and can keep you motivated. But if youre feeling panicky most of the time, or like you may have an anxiety disorder, just remember that the only thing worse than the stress dreams themselves is allowing them to affect your mental health and your performance at work so you need to take some action thatll help you chill the F out and enjoy your life and the people around you. When your anxiety starts affecting your ability to functionas well as your mood and the people around youyou need to do something about it.Its easier said than done, especially if youre prone to being anxious or youre someone who worries about, well, everything. But anxiety can take a toll on your physical healthyou might experience muscle tension, headaches, and insomnia, as well as a decrease in appetitie and loss of interest in sexin addition to your mental health. A full blown panic attack is short, general ly reaching a peak after 10 minutes, but youll feel drained and fatigued afterwards, which can also affect your health in significant waysHereare some strategies that will help you crush your debilitating thoughts and help you sleep through the night...and make it through the next day without biting off all your nails.Dont sleep with your phone next to your bed.Seriously, dont. If youre wondering how to deal with anxiety, especially work-related fear, this should be a priority. Yes, there are still old school alarm clocks - so thats not an excuse. Youre staring at a screen for enough hours every day it doesnt need to be (slash absolutelyshouldntbe) the last thing your mind experiences before bed and the first thing you do when you wake up.Checking your work email during behauptung times is bound to make you worry, spike up your nerves and make you mora stressed during two moments that should be peaceful. Start your sleep and then your day by clearing your mindwithoutstressing about whats to come.At the end of each work day, take note of whats on your agenda for tomorrow.You dont need to write a long report each evening, but jot down some thoughts, notes or a quick list of things you want to accomplish the next day. Planning ahead a bit and creating a brief to-do list will save you from feeling overwhelmed when you arrive at your desk the next morning.Move it, move it AKA exercise.Maybe you feel like theres just no time to exercise during the workday. And sometimes there isnt. But whenever you can - even if its for 20 minutes two or three times a week - get your butt to the gym, to a yoga class where you can focus on deep breathing, or jog around your hood. Exercising relieves stress, so even if youre feeling overwhelmed about trying to fit a workout into your schedule, youll feela lotbetter after getting a quick sweat session in.Your workout can also be a good time to reflect. Theres no better time than while youre running to try to figure out how to resolve whatevers been keeping you up at night. Give yourself a break.This doesnt just mean dont beat yourself up. Give yourself anactualbreak. It doesnt have to be an hour lunch break (do those even exist?)...but go outside -- even if for 15 minutes -- to get some sun, a coffee or some food. Youll be more at ease and productive if you let yourself take a breather once or twice a day.Relax after a stressful day.After you leave the office, stop thinking about work. Meditate. Take a bubble bath. Do some deep breathing exercises. Take a walk. Whatever relaxes you and gives you some distance from the day, do it. That will help you separate your work life from your home life and allow you to stay calm.Set aside designated time to stress. In a 2011 study, Penn State researchers found that designating a 30-minute period of time to worry and putting away your anxieties until that time could help people manage their stress. The process involves thinking of a time and place to have this worry sessio n and consciously making an effort to put aside your stressors until then.If its really too much, talk to your manager.You might be concerned that it will seem like you cant handle your job. But you also may just havewaytoo much going on -- and your manager likely isnt aware of everything that youre doing. If your workload has become unreasonable, talk to someone about it before you explode. People will respect you for being responsible and assertive about whats doable, especially if its clear that youll be more productive if you have a bit more support.Finally, take a step back, clear your mind, and remember that your job is temporary. Its only one part of your life, and while its an important one, you can always explore other options if its starting to feel like a parasite or youre constantly on the verge of a panic attack. Your day-to-day life should feel full and happy.And if you like what youre doing (besides the parts that cause nightmares) -- and you feel like your anxiety is more a function of your personality than your actual job -- try to remember that work is work, and its going to be stressful sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad days, but no job is worth compromising your sanity.Fairygodboss is committed to improving the workplace and lives of women.Join us by reviewing your employer

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4 Skills and Traits to Look for in Startup Candidates - Spark Hire

4 Skills and Traits to Look for in Startup Candidates - Spark HireYouve just started your new business and its time to start hiring your first employees Before you ever begin interviewing, it is important for you to determine what you want your company culture to look like and the types of employees you want on your team. Regardless of what you decide, there are several skills and traits that you should look for when interviewing candidates.1. FlexibilityWith all startups, there will be constant changes. You are just getting started and figuring things out, so methods of conducting business will likely change several times before you find solid methods that work well each time.When youre interviewing candidates for this skill, ask them questions about their past work experiences.Did they only work in places that were established and had well-written standard operating procedures? How often did their policies change in order to accommodate customers?How involved was the candidate with changes in procedures and policies?Ask candidates to provide specific examples. Make koranvers that candidates are well aware of the job they are interviewing for. If the job requires that the candidate be responsible for creating department procedures or policies, make this known.2. Sense of UrgencyIn the beginnings of your company, your staff will need to act quick and respond with a sense of urgency. You may be competing with much larger companies that have well established reputations. This means that you will have little time to lolly-gag around when it comes to getting the job done for your customers.Quick turn around, accuracy, and a get it doneattitude are a must in any startup. Your employees will need to be able to act quickly and be persistent in finding solutions to problems each and every day.When interviewing for this skill, you should ask candidates to provide examples of times when they were dealing with a customer issue, what they did, and how long it took them to get the job completed. Also, ask general questions such asWhen responding to emails and phone calls, what is your turn around time?How do you prioritize your day? How does it affect your day when an urgent situation arises? What do you do?3. Doers and Risk TakersWhen starting your new business, you need worker bees instead of supervisors or managers. After all, there is nothing to supervise or manage right away when a company is in its beginning stages. Quite often, you will find that your company has little organization in the beginning. You may have one person handling tasks for multiple departments. In fact, you may even be handling multiple departments yourselfIn order to survive and succeed in the first stages of your startup, you will need to make sure you are hiring people who are hands-on doers and risk takers.When interviewing for this skill, ask questions such asWhat types of jobs have you held before? What were your hands-on responsibilities?When you were faced with a sit uation that required an immediate decision but you were unable to reach your manager, what did you do?4. Positive AttitudeAbove all, you need people with positive attitudes in your small business. Building a startup is not easy, for the owner or the employees. The ability to adjust to changes, quickly overcome obstacles, and stay positive is a must. There will be no time for negativity or moping around when things dont go as planned.When interviewing for this skill, be sure to ask candidates to tell you about a time when things did not go as planned on a project they were working on. Have them explain to you how they reacted and what they did.What are some of the skills and traits you look for in candidates when hiring for your startup? Please share your tips in the comments below.Image monkeybusinessimages/

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Internship Opportunities for Herpetologists

Internship Opportunities for HerpetologistsInternship Opportunities for HerpetologistsThere are many great internship opportunities for those interested in a career as a herpetologist, zookeeper, or wildlife rehabilitator. Additional internship opportunities with reptiles may be found on the zoo internship or wildlife rehabilitation internship listings on this site. Here is a sampling of what is available for those interesting in completing an internship focused on reptile care The Kentucky Reptile Zoo internship program offers interns the chance to work with many different kinds of reptiles during 3-month sessions. Students will learn animal handling techniques, give educational speeches, and conduct research (no direct handling of venomous species is permitted for interns). College students may receive academic credit and a small weekly stipend is offered. The Reptile Zoo boasts that its interns have a greater than 95% success rate for finding professional positions after completio n of this highly competitive program. Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey accepts summer interns for its Great Bay Terrapin Project each year. Interns are involved with a wide variety of duties which include collecting data on terrapins, giving educational presentations to the public, participating in road patrols, and conducting their own independent terrapin research projects. A 35-hour work week is required, with weekend and holiday hours being necessary during peak breeding season. A $1,500 stipend is offered. Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (in Virginia) offers a 3-month field and laboratory internship centered on herpetology research, husbandry, and conservation. Interns in the program are tasked with providing general animal care, collecting samples from live animals, testing samples for disease in a lab setting, and assisting with wood turtle surveys and ot her population tracking. Candidates must have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies and commit to the program for a 3 month period. No stipend is offered. National Aquarium The National Aquarium (in Baltimore, Maryland) offers a herpetology internship program. Interns are involved with recording observations of animals, maintaining habitats, preparing and distributing food, observing medical procedures, and completing other duties as assigned. Internships are a minimum of 120 hours in length and are to be completed during the fall, spring, or summer sessions. Candidates must be pursuing a degree in biology, animal behavior, or a closely related area. Mystic Aquarium Mystic Aquarium (in Connecticut) offers a reptile and amphibian husbandry internship which allows students to participate in feeding, habitat maintenance, specimen collection, and completing an independent research project. Interns must either be currently enrolled in college or a recent graduate , and college credit may be available if the student arranges it with their school. Internships last for a full semester (spring, summer, or fall) with approximately 38.75 hours required per week. No stipend is available. Colorado Reptile Humane Society The Colorado Reptile Humane Society offers an internship program that affords students the opportunity to assist with a radio tracking program focused on monitoring the movements of native box turtles, taking measurements and collecting other data from wild turtles, and providing basic care and first aid for a wide variety of reptile and amphibian species. Internships are 8 weeks in length, with at least 30 hours required per week. A $500 stipend is provided for incidental expenses but costs for housing and transportation are the interns responsibility. The center can recommend low-cost housing options in the area for those planning to attend this internship. Reptilia Reptile Zoo Reptilia Reptile Zoo (in Toronto, Canada) off ers an internship for college students and recent graduates. Interns in the Reptilia program are involved with general animal care, treatment of injuries, feeding, giving educational speeches and tours, and participating in ongoing research projects. Internships range from 4 months to 1 year, with 38 hour work weeks required. Stipend information was not available on the Reptilia website. Toledo Zoo The Toledo Zoo (in Ohio) offers a herpetology curatorial internship for college juniors and seniors. Responsibilities include animal care, general office work, research assistance, and assisting zookeepers with exhibit maintenance as needed. The minimum commitment is 15 hours per week during spring, summer, and fall sessions. All intern positions are unpaid. Networking with college professors and industry professionals can open up many additional (often unadvertised) internship opportunities, so be sure to take advantage of any contacts you might have available. Also be sure to check with your local zoo, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and exotic veterinary clinics to see if they might have a position available that would involve working with reptiles. Remember, there is no substitute for hands-on experience when seeking entry to an animal related field, so take advantage of internship opportunities while completing your degree

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How to Stay Away from LinkedIn Scams

How to Stay Away from LinkedIn ScamsHow to Stay Away from LinkedIn Scams4Up until recently, LinkedIn was a fairly safe online haven for job seekers. You were able to connect with industry leaders, companies that you were hoping to work for, and past and present colleagues as well- all in the hopes of landing a job. And you were able to do it all while avoiding LinkedIn scams.But then along came the job scammers, and things changed. Whereas before you would be super excited if a recruiter reached out to you via LinkedIn and asked you for your resume and cover letter, now you cant be sure if youre even talking to an actual recruiter or not.Here are some tips on how to stay away from LinkedIn scams and stay safe online.Know who youre talking to.Lets say you are contacted by a hiring manager who has read through your profile and thinks youd be an ideal candidate for a job hes trying to fill. Before you send over your resume and cover letter, do a little digging. For starters, check out h is LinkedIn profile. Is it complete and filled out? Does he have many connections? Does he work for a known organization? If you cant figure this out by the LinkedIn profile, do some online investigation to determine if this person is actually who he says he is.Dont pay money. Ever. A headhunter sends you an InMail and offers to help you with your job search. Thing is, he wants his payment upfront. While its not unheard of to pay for someone (such as a headhunter) to help expedite your job search, you shouldnt ever fork over your money ahead of time. Being required to do so ahead of time might mean that youre right in the middle of LinkedIn spam.Be realistic.Youve been job searching for a while and youre getting a little desperate to land a job. So when a recruiter comes along and wants to do an interview, youre thrilled. But he wants to do the interview via instant messenger, at 1100 p.m. Even if youre looking for a telecommuting job with a company that is several hours ahead of yo u, you still wouldnt be expected to do an interview that is at an odd hour for where you live. Similarly, instant message interviews are a huge red flag for a job scam. If youre approached to do either, know that youre stepping into a scam.Check the email.Its one thing for a recruiter to contact you via LinkedIn for a potential job opportunity. But its another if the follow-up emails are from a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo email address. Ideally, if a professional recruiter or hiring manager is interested in you, he will be working with a company and have that companys email address. If youre unsure, you can always reach out to the company directly to confirm that the person works there, and verify his email address. After all, some savvy scammers will take an actual companys email address and modify it slightly. For example, if the company youre planning to interview with is Golden Company, Inc. (and the email address is, a scammer might modify it to read johnago So be extra careful when confirming email addresses.Be aware of links. Some scammers might reach out to you with a job and ask you to click a link to take you to the companys website. Many times, these are phishing scams, so be careful what you click on. You can hover over the hyperlink to see where the link will take you. If its not to LinkedIn (or a real companys website), youre headed towards a job scam.LinkedIn is still an amazing resource for job seekers, but you still need to be aware of potential scammers. After all, with over 300 million users on LinkedIn, it can be a paradise for job scammers. So stay safe from LinkedIn spam by being aware of hyperlinks, grammatically incorrect emails, slightly modified company names and email addresses, and solicitations for money in order to find you a job. With some precaution, you can definitely use LinkedIn to help connect with real people to find real jobs. And thats no scam.Readers, have you ever been a victim of Lin kedIn scams or know someone who was? Let us know what happened in the comments

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The Average Salary for 22 Career Fields

The Average Salary for 22 Career FieldsThe Average Salary for 22 Career Fields8Newly released data from the BLS about occupational employment and wages in 2014 offers a great survey of the landscape, including specifics on the average salary for many major business sectors. The data is useful for job seekers who are scoping out their careers over the long run, with an eye toward where the money is. If you fall into that category, figure out where you fit in this list of the average salary for some of nations biggest occupational fields.Heres a chart created by the BLS, and below it, youll find a breakdown of each career field.Here are the average salaries for many popular career fieldsWeve linked each field to the latest flexible and telecommuting job listings in that field, to give you a jump-start in your job search.Management Jobs at the administrative and management levels, not surprisingly, ranked at the top of the list, with average salaries at the highest levels approaching $1 50,00 a year.Computer/ITProfessional opportunities in computer and information technology rank near the top overall, but are somewhat lower-paid on average compared to other top-tier industries because of the fierce demand for qualified candidates.Math Math professionals can include instructors, project managers, and technicians, and the salaries are on par with computer/IT experts, comfortably topping $100,000 a year on average.Legal Average pay in the legal field can top more than $100,000 for more experienced full-time legal professionals with expertise in career areas that are in demand, such as technology and intellectual property.ArchitectureThese days, architects can include people in the technological sector, but for purposes of this survey, architect means building and construction experts, whose average salary is about $100,000 a year.Engineering Engineers can also command an average salary of around $100,000, working to provide cloud-based services, cyber security, and ot her web-based solutions.Business and financial Experts in business and financial operations are in demand, with average salaries approaching $100,000 for qualified and experienced candidates.HealthcareThis broad category can include doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, and the average salary falls in the $100,000 range, depending on the job demand and education level required, the survey found.TechnicalHelp-desk experts, technical advisers, and cyber-security architects fall into this category, where the average salary, according to the survey, is about $75,000 annually.Physical and social sciences Encompassing professions from chemists to research assistants, this sector can pay as much as $100,000 a year to individuals with the right credentials and background.Education Holding doctoral or masters degrees are big factors for job seekers looking to crack the top ranks of this category, where the average salary can reach the $75,000 to $80,000 a year range.Entertainm ent and media Digital media strategists, writers, marketing professionals, and web and audio-visual professionals can fall into this broad category the average salary can be $60,000 to $75,000 per year.Maintenance and repair This category can include technical and computer areas where greater training skills are required, as well as less technically advanced expertise for some positions.Construction Experts in construction management command the highest average salaries, in the $60,000 to $70,000 range, and often take on supervisory roles and have a background in project management.Community services Working with children, mentoring both children and adults, and supporting community organizations are key skills for this career area, where salaries can exceed $50,000 a year.Social services If helping others is your forte, you may be able to find work in this category where the average salary can be in excess of $50,000 to $60,000 for qualified candidates, according to the survey.Prot ective services This broad category can include law enforcement as well as cyber-based security services, and the average annual salary is more than $50,000.Office and administrative support Administrative professionals play a key role in keeping companies and offices running smoothly experienced office administrators can command about $40,000 a year on average.Healthcare support You can work as a nurses aide, a physical therapist aide, or a fitness specialist in this area, where annual salaries are about $25,000 a year.Sales Lots of variables factor into the average salary for sales professionals, from personality to commission rates the survey found that the average salary for sales professionals can approach $50,000 a year.Farming, fishing, and forestry Jobs in behauptung industries can include hands-on field positions, lecturers, scientists, lab aides, and seasonal workers the average salary is around $25,000, or less for positions requiring less education, the survey found.Food service and hospitality The food service and hospitality industry offers opportunities for job seekers whose expertise ranges from the area of retail and distribution, to food science and technology. Salaries are on the lower end for food prep specialists, but candidates with higher qualifications can command significantly more.Readers, which job category is most attractive to you, based on the average salary? Share your thoughts in the comments section below