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How to Compare Employer Benefits Packages

How to Compare Employer Benefits PackagesHow to Compare Employer Benefits PackagesEmployer benefits packages are often overlooked by job searchers. Once you have found your dream job or your dream salary, the questions pretty much stop there. But what if you are considering more than one job offer, or deciding whether to leave your current job for a lateral move? In those cases, employer benefits may factor heavily in your decision. What Benefit Packages Include Benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans, vacation and sick leave, and life and disability insurance can represent up to 30 percent of your compensation. How to Compare Employer Benefits Packages Great benefits can help increase job satisfaction and can help you make or save more money over time. Heres what to pay attention to when comparing employer benefits. Retirement Plan There are different types of retirement plans, and companies may offer a combination that includes more than one. You can start to evaluate them by defining your terms. Some companies offer what is known as defined benefit plans, which most people would call traditional pensions. Employers offering defined benefit plans make regular contributions to the plan, and the plan guarantees a certain amount of monthly income for the employee in retirement. The other common option is a defined contribution plan, which includes plans like the 401(k). In this type of plan, employees make regular contributions to the account through their pre-tax paychecks. The money is invested and may grow over time, but there is no guaranteed return, and the employee manages both the investment and the distributions. Small companies may instead offer an individual retirement account (IRA), SEP IRA, or SIMPLE IRA. These work like a 401(k), but may have different contribution limits. Roth IRAs may also be offered, into which you put after-tax dollars, but the money is not taxed again when the money is withdrawn at retirement. An employer offering a defined contribution plan or IRA, the employer may also match contributions, which is an added benefit. Some employers will match 50 percent of the amount you put into the account, up to six percent of income. The plan also may be vested, which means that the amount of benefits you receive accrue over time. Health insurance If you are considering a full-time job at a mid-size or large company, health insurance will likely be part of the benefits you are offered. A full 84 percent of full-time employees at US companies with more than 100 workers have health insurance through work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average employer pays about $6,025 for individual coverage, with the employee contributing about $1,081 in 2014. Employers pay an average $16,834 for family coverage, with workers contributing about $4,823 per year, according to Kaiser Family Foundation. Numbers like those explain why employer health coverage is so valuable. If you have a n option, look for the coverage you need, check if your doctor is in-network, and compare how much each plan costs in terms of monthly paycheck deductions as well as deductibles, copayments, and prescriptions. Dental and Vision Coverage Around 60 percent of Americans still get dental coverage through work, and around the same number have private health insurance that includes vision. Dental and vision coverage will not likely sway your job choice, but if you are considering two offers, check to landsee if your providers are in-network and how much you will pay in annual premiums, copays, and deductibles. Life Insurance Nearly two-thirds of full-time employees are offered life insurance through work, and its one of the most popular benefits around. About 97 percent of people participate in the companys life insurance benefits. Its inexpensive, and often available without any physical tests, and typically pays at least a years worth of salary should something happen to you. Find out if the company pays for coverage and how much, and if you as an employee can purchase additional coverage at a discounted rate. Disability Companies with more than 100 employees will probably offer some sort of disability insurance benefit.But most of it is short-term disability, which covers a percentage of your salary if you are out of work for a period of time that goes beyond your allotted vacation or sick time. The less common option is long-term disability, which is offered by less than half of US employers according to LIMRA. Since an estimated one in five employees will miss work due to disability, insurance that covers months or years of missed work if you become ill or injured outside of work is a valuable benefit. Vacation Time Vacations are not guaranteed in the U.S., but we get an average 13 days of paid vacation time per year. An offer that includes more than that may be worth considering if time off is important to you. Remember to verify if sick days and holidays ar e included in vacation time. Some companies now offer paid time off (PTO) days that can seem very generous on the surface. Remember PTO can include all vacation, personal, sick and holiday time. Daycare Whether you have kids now or not, on-site or company-sponsored daycare is a valuable benefit. Study after study has shown that daycare increases employee retention, productivity and referrals, and the availability of on-site daycare are a big influence on prospective employees. When considering a job at a company offering daycare, you can ask to take a tour of the daycare facility. Work-Life Balance Quality of life is more difficult to quantify, and it may be difficult to get a clear picture from a prospective employer. Along with the benefits listed above, you can learn about the hours you are expected to put in each week. Remember, your time has a value. If your workweek is 40 hours, you make more per hour than if its 80 hours. If a company extends a degree of schedule flexibility to hard-working employees, the job may be worth more than another offering a few thousand extra dollars in salary. Read MoreWhat to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer Related Articles Job Offer Checklist How to Evaluate a Job Offer Tips for Finding a Job With a Good Retirement Plan

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Be the First to Read What an Old Pro Thinks About Download Resume from Indeed

Be the First to Read What an Old Pro Thinks About Download Resume from Indeed Also, examine some of the public Indeed resumes. So you simply want a simple resume. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Download Resume from Indeed Downloading a number of free resume samples from the Internet can be exactly the thing you should kick-start your resume writing. Various websites will provide unique kinds of samples. You will be able to edit it online once youve uploaded it. Your contact information is fundamentally the very first thing your prospective employer will see because its in the topfruchtwein portion of your resume. Pay attention when you subscribe, however, because most services offer you a number of different plans and a few plans limit the qualities or number of resumes youre able to create. While you are still able to download your completed resume in PDF format, the service encourages you to make a link which you are able to share with friends and prospective employer s. Possessing a detailed contact information listing may give your prospective employer mora options about how to get hold of you. This degree of testing lets us make comparisons to make sure were recommending the absolute best products available to our readers. It permits you to recognize the correct position of the information which you want to provide to your prospective employer. You also receive a completely free job interview tracker for a bonus. It is possible to also execute a web-based job search or earn a price of living comparison through its online offerings. What to Expect From Download Resume from Indeed? If youre in need of clean and simple resume template as well as a pair of business cards mockups that the exact appearance and feel, than this is something that you might want to use. Open sans will do the job nicely as an alternate font choice. The style of resume you will use greatly is dependent on your professional work background and qualifications. The Ke y to Successful Download Resume from Indeed Also, be sure your file is no greater than 5 MB in proportion. Creating a resume with the assistance of a template can help you become mindful of the resume areas that you must fill. The template can be found in PSD format. This template is straightforward, but in addition, it is quite modern. Business cards are also included to finish the look. A stunning, minimal and user-friendly template you may edit based on your abilities and experience. Youre searching for simple resume templates. A few of the templates are free while others cost a couple of dollars. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Download Resume from Indeed Our resume builder is the quickest approach to create a resume that can help you get your fantasy job. The capacity to edit your resume from any place in the world is a significant asset that it is possible to utilize to assist you land that upcoming great job. There are many approaches to compose a resume. A superb eye catching resume easily attracts the employer and raises the work opportunity. Getting the most of a resource that wont only help save you time, but is demonstrated to elevate your odds of scoring a work simply is reasonable. Take time to consider before you start. There are two major trends in 2016. Download and edit depending on your requirements.At the moment theres still an opportunity to stick out from the competition being different. All you need to do is point and click. As a consequence, it becomes much easier for us to incorporate the proper elements into your resume, which subsequently can definitely enhance the chance of your resume getting selected. Use it and leave decent impression. Download Resume from Indeed the Ultimate Convenience Employers find it quite unattractive. To begin with, as soon as the recruiters go through your resume, they receive a very first impression of your profile. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often t heyre utilised to secure new employment.Interest or skills section is the most crucial and difficult portion of the writing. Resumes could be organized in various ways. Adding more quality words in our resume is effective but theres no use if its not linked to the work post applying for and does not entice employers. When youre writing your resume, at times it is sometimes a huge aid to find some examples. Provide info about your academic achievements. Finally, dont neglect to take a look at our professional cover letter examples.

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A Smartphone Can Be Like a Glass of Wine

A Smartphone Can Be Like a Glass of Wine Granted it welchesnt a job interview, but once during an interview with a prominent community bank CEO, I kept my internetfhiges mobiltelefon out on the conference room table where we were meeting. I explained to him my wife was expecting our second child any day and I needed to keep my phone handy. Maybe under the same circumstances during a job interview at a restaurant, the use of a smartphone could be acceptable, but otherwise, the odds arent in your favor. According to one research study, having the smartphone out and using it may be the equivalent of having a glass of wine with your meal. Just because the person interviewing you sends a text (or has a glass of wine) doesnt mean its OK for you to.A recent study co-authored by Peter W. Cardon of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and colleagues at Howard University is th e first to provide an empirical baseline for how attitudes toward mobile phone use actually break down across gender, age and region.According to an announcement about the study, With a national sample of more than 550 full-time working professionals, the study reveals what geschftliches miteinander professionals perceive as acceptable, courteous or rude use of mobile phones in the workplace. Published in the journal Business Communication Quarterly, the research offers a critical baseline for how attitudes toward technology may change over time and serves as a guide to navigating social expectations around polite smartphone use.The biggest takeaway from the study for job seekers is to keep the phone tucked away during a meeting. It found a full 20 percent of professionals said simply having your phone out at a business lunch is rude.Here is what the research found for using a phone in a business settingThree-fourths said checking texts or emails was verboten.Even a higher number, 8 7 percent, said to turn the phone off and never answer it during a business meeting.The same holds true even at more informal lunch meetings. Two-thirds said its wrong to text while knoshing.But men are more flexible on this issue than women. Almost six in ten say its copacetic to check text messages during business meals while barely one-third of women felt the same way.Half of all men condone phone calls at a lunch meeting while only 26 percent of women do.Where youre doing business geographically also makes a different. It turns out the West Coast, which the study authors said has a reputation for being more casual, is more uptight about phone use than their colleagues from the East Coast.The more you make the less tolerant you are of phone use in business meetings, according to the study where the researchers first identified the most common grievances people had about smartphone use among their colleagues, including browsing the Internet and checking text messages. They then as ked working professionals earning at least $30,000 a year to identify which of these behaviors they considered acceptable and which ones are flat-out rude.Its probably not surprising that younger professionals are more willing to accept texting during a business lunch. The study determined 66 percent of people under 30 said texting or emailing was okay, compared to just 20 percent of those aged 51-65.Youre also gambling on getting hired even by answering the phone. The study found that saying Excuse me to take a call didnt cut it. More than 30 percent still found it to be rarely/never appropriate during lunch meetings.

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Use Your Email Subject Line As Resume and Door Opener

Use Your Email Subject Line As Resume and Door OpenerUse Your Email Subject Line As Resume and Door OpenerIf youve been in the market for a new career for any length of time, youve probably discovered that getting your resume in front of industry leading recruiters and hiring managers is a job unto itself. You also know that engaging with the individuals in behauptung critical roles is the fastest, fruchtwein reliable method for landing that job of your dreams. Unfortunately, the kind of quality personnel that often fill these roles tend to be incredibly busy and inundated daily with hundreds of emails from people looking for individual attention, just like you. With all of this extra static surrounding your job search, just how does a serious candidate cut through the noise and get their names in the mix for the biggest, most lucrative and fulfilling positions?Spruce up That Subject LineFor starters, when sending an email to someone who may receive dozens, if not hundreds of communi cations a day, the trick is to make your message intriguing enough to earn that double-click and open. The email subject line is your number one tool for building intrigue and interest, whether with a recruiter or direct company hiring representative. While it may be tempted to open with Youve Won One-Million Dollars type of gimmicky subjects, candidates should still strive for professionalism and convey quality information regarding the desired position.This doesnt mean your email subject needs to be dry and boring. The right equation for an email subject line for a job seeker will have information regarding the job desired (if a posting is available) as well as a few short word or acronyms explaining your experience. Email subject lines typically give you about 60 characters worth of room. If this doesnt seem like a lot of space, dont worry, weve cooked up a few examples.Sample Subject LinesSenior Accountant standort 10 Years ExpJob Listing XXXX Harvard MBA interestedSales Posit ion Listing Top Quality Candidate is InterestedHR Consultant Looking for Long Term PositionSenior Antitrust Associate In Need of Career MoveReferral from Chris Smith for Open PositionMore Email Tricks and HacksYou can use more than just your subject line to drum up initial interest for an open position. While the space available in most email programs or via smartphone mail is around 60 characters, when opened your space in this field will typically expand to around 148. This includes spaces and punctuation, so be sure to choose your wording wisely.Heres an example of an expanded subject line using one of the examples from aboveSenior Accountant Position 10 Years Exp Worked at Big Four With background in AML, KYC and ComplianceIn addition to your subject line, dont forget that many people will use the preview pane for quick views of email when using desktop applications. There is generally only room for an opening paragraph in this small window. Your first few sentences should att ract attention without being ostentatious or otherwise putting off the reader. Quickly give a summary of your reason for writing, desired position and relevant background, all in 2-3 lines. You can expand on these point in detail later on in the email, once youve hooked the reader into opening up your communication.The Wrap UpWhile a basic email with a Job Inquiry headline will serve many candidates just fine, its thinking outside of the box that will help set your name and resume apart from the crowd in todays competitive job market. Convey as much information as you can clearly, and your recipient will appreciate your efforts. Maybe even enough to land you that initial phone screening or call back interview.Martin Yate CPC, is theNY Timesbestselling author ofKnock em Dead The Ultimate Job Search Guide, andSecrets Strategies For Success. As Dun Bradstreet says, Hes really just about the best in the business.www.knockemdead.comThis article welches updated from the original on July 23, 2017

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Increase Employee Motivation in 2012

Increase Employee Motivation in 2012Increase Employee Motivation in 2012Increase Employee Motivation in 2012Is employee motivation on your list of resolutions for 2012? If elend, it should be.While new year projections can be unreliable, this year is likely to follow suit with 2011, remaining a competitive environment for top talent. That means employee engagement and retention will be more important than ever.How can you bring new vim and vigor to your employee motivation? The expert insights below will provide inspiration.All the best for a successful 2012Connie Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Resource CenterOf all the events that contribute to poor inner work life, having setbacks (being blocked or stalled in the work) is by far the most prominent. Even worse, the negative effect of setbacks is two to three times stronger than the positive effect of progress. Yet setbacks are inevitable in complex and difficult work.When someone does have a setback, dont view it as a failure and, abov e all, dont punish it. Rather, view it as a natural part of doing hard work. Then help people extract value from it ask what welches learned that can help the team move forward.The above excerpt above is from Increasing Joy and Employee Engagementby Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, co-authors of The Progress Principle Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011.)Peyton Manning has one of the best offensive lines in the business, and that enables him to take the time he needs to make decisions in a fast-paced game.He has reached the pinnacle of success in his career and will be the first to tell anyone that he attributes much of his success to his team and the players standing in front of him and blocking.So what does Peyton Manning do? He buys expensive watches, custom suits, and various other gifts for his offensive linemen as a way to show his appreciation.Peyton may get much of the credit for his accomplishments, but wi thout his team and an offensive line that works hard for him, he would not be able even to complete a pass. And in 2010, Manning was the least sacked quarterback in the entire NFL, so his team is certainly holding up their end of the bargain.The best leaders ensure that credit for success is spread as widely as possible throughout the company.The aboveexcerpt is taken fromTeam Leadership Take a Cue from Peyton Manning by Molly Fletcher, author of The Business of Being the Best Inside the World of Go-Getters and Game Changers (Wiley, 2012.)Many organizations put tons of effort into promoting the good news about their company to the outside world in an effort to attract and keep investors. But they neglect their internal customers their workers.Ive seen customers try to strike up conversations with cashiers about a piece of news they read about the industry or even the specific company the cashier works for, only to have the cashier give them a deer-in-the-headlights look.Take it upo n yourself to make your frontline staff feel like an important cog in the wheel of your operation by keeping them informed.The aboveexcerpt is taken from Create a Company Culture that Inspires Successby Eric Chester, author of Reviving Work Ethic (Wiley, 2011.)At 24 years old, I was promoted to the position of sales manager for one reason I was a really good salesman, which is probably the worst reason to make someone a sales manager.Iwas your typical top producing salesperson-turned sales manager and I was awful at the job. I had no patience for anyone whose production did not approach mine. I had this horrible need to be involved in everyones business and every decision, no matter how small. I was convinced I could do everybody elses job better than they could, which might have been true if I wasnt trying to do them all at the same time. It was a disaster.Moral of the story STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING You hired behauptung people, let them do their jobs. If you dont think they can do it, show them how to do it better. If you made a hiring mistake, get rid of them otherwise get the hell out of the way.The aboveexcerpt is taken from Employee Motivation Create Self-Motivated High Achievers by Warren Greshes, author of The Best Damn Management Book Ever 9 Keys to Creating Self-Motivated High Achievers (Wiley, 2011.)Read moreResolutions for Industrious RecruitersSeven Easy Resolutions to Improve your Recruitment StrategiesBill Taylor For a New Start, a New Hiring Process

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Is It Better to Take a Bad Job With a Good Boss, or a Good Job With a Bad Boss

Is It Better to Take a Bad Job With a Good Boss, or a Good Job With a Bad Boss Is It Better to Take a Bad Job With a Good Boss, or a Good Job With a Bad Boss Todays question comes from a busy professionalCurrently Im working with a good boss, but the job isnt that great (because there is no future there, and the pay isnt that great). I recently found a good job (pay is good with medical insurance, commission, and bonuses), but the boss there is kind of stupid and a nightmare to work with. What is my better vorkaufsrecht? Should I take the schwimmschwimmbad job and the good boss, or the good job and the bad boss?The false premise is that there are only two options good bossanda bad job, or bad boss anda good job. In reality, there isan abundance of other opportunities out there including good jobs with good bosses.The other mistake is to think that yourcurrent situation is permanent, rather than temporary.So what if, for today, there is no future at the job and the pay isnt that gr eat? Thats a temporary situation. Perhaps the pay isnt that great and theres no future for someone with your current skill set and experience.Perhaps if you update your skill set to match the next-generation tools and gain moreclient advocacy experience, you will be eligible for a new role with a higher salary range. Perhaps the company will head in a differentdirection, and if you areprepared and you align yourself with the companys goals and vision, you couldgeta better position.Now, lets talk about the good job with the nightmare boss. Who is to say that the boss is a nightmare? Your friend Joe, may need more hand-holding in his job, andmaybethis boss isnt a micromanager. Therefore, Joe might feel this boss is terrible. But maybe you, on the other hand,work best when you have some autonomy and that would make this boss a good boss to you.Perhaps this is the worst boss in the universe you are stillmaking the erroneous assumption that this is the only boss or manager in this organ ization. Whos tosay that, once you are in this role, you cant network and build relationships with other, better managersand move onto their teams?When faced with the good job/bad boss and bad job/good boss dilemma, you actually have a lot of opportunities. It isnt even really a dilemma at all. So what will your next step be?What Does a Bad Boss Mean to You?If you have a bad boss, define why you feel this person is a bad boss. Once you know this information, you can take some steps to make your life with this bad boss a little more comfortable.For instance, maybe you feel your boss is a bad boss because he is a micromanager. If so, you canbe proactive in supplying him with status updates and details of your work. Understand what your bossneeds to feel comfortable, and what he needs for his success. Once you understand the bosssposition and start thinking like him, you can better appreciate and anticipate his requests and maybe start to feel a little less like he is a bad boss.No M ore Bad Bosses Make an Individual Career Mission StatementIf you havent created your individual career mission statement yet, do that now. Your career mission statement should include yourSMART career goals and the specific steps you will take to achieve them. You should also create an individual development plan, which will include your professional skills and income goals.If youhave a great boss, seek their eingabe onyour career goals. Theywill have a different perspective on whats available or just around the corner for the company. Work with your mentors, coaches, and even external recruiters to find out which of your skills are outdated, which are in need of some polishing, and which are in demand or going to be in demand.If you are not networking with people outside of your department and even outside of your companys walls, well start doing that. Attend professional association meetings and local conferences, and do some networking on LinkedIn.Spend more time defining what y ou really want to be, do, and have and then go after it.For more information on everything discussed here, feel free to reach out to me.We canschedule an appointment, and I can get to know more about your unique situation. I will be happy to make recommendations on what your best steps are moving